"The extraordinary, captured."

NEWSWEEK had asked me to suggest interesting people to talk about in the magazine after having worked for them on a special issue on Spain. Jose Merce is someone that in the world of flamenco is very highly regarded. I learned that he was going to sing in Barcelona so I asked NEWSWEEK if they would be interested in doing a story on him. They approved. So I contacted his manager and we arranged for a time and a date for the shoot, the location to be confirmed after location scouting. I wanted to photograph him in front of the sea, the Mediterranean Sea which is so related to the world of flamenco and chose sunset to be able to obtain those beautiful warm tones and interesting colors in the sky. I visited a few spots along the beach near my studio at different hours to fine tune the precise time that there would be the best light for the shot. On the day of the shoot we went out to the pier an hour or two before the "precise time" and requested that Mr. Merce arrive about 30 minutes before that time so we could have all the lighting ready... "et voilá"... this is the photo we obtained.... he even danced a few flamenco steps for us!


Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Laura Ruiz

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