"The extraordinary, captured."

My client the Grupo Cadarso had purchased this extraordinary 1859 Modernist hotel with the intention to spice it up with the sensibility of contemporary Barcelona design. For over 14 months Grupo Cadarso directed an extensive renovation that maintained all the original Modernist decor (renovated by the famous Catalan Architect Lluis Doménech i Montaner in 1903) and brought it to the XXI century with cutting edge technology, design and amenities.
I had to go in and shoot as the renovation was being finished. I went to the hotel looking for striking angles, textures and the beautiful Modernist details. It was a challenge to shoot among the workers who were busily running around adding the finishing touches, hanging curtains here, changing light bulbs there… but because I had started the location scouting months in advance I was already quite familiar with the building and knew were to look to capture the extraordinary.


Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Julio Arboleda and Nuria Jurado


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