"The extraordinary, captured."

On the way to my studio, I frequently drive through one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Barcelona, the 22@ district the home of many IT companies, tech start-ups and of a space age looking building that never ceases to amaze me: The Media-TIC building. Designed by the award winning architect Enric Ruiz Geli of Cloud 9. It features state-of-the-art eco friendly technology.

On one of my various scouts of the building, Victor from Cloud 9 mesmerized me with the detailed explanations of the advanced technology behind the construction...but as I walked through the empty floors my attention focused on the daring angles, light reflections and layers of colors created by the unique building materials.

I shot the buidling from every conceivable point of view depending on the light at different times of different days. Even ended up on the roof of a nearby building in a relentless hunt for the extraordinary.


Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Nuria Jurado


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