"The extraordinary, captured."

This shoot was another assignment for NEWSWEEK'S special issue on Spain. On this occasion the person interviewed was the director of the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I had already photographed the Guggenheim Museum on a couple of occasions for other assignments for THE NEW YORK TIMES so pretty much knew what I wanted to do and decided that in this case the best option would be to shoot him outside and have the building as the backdrop. As we were setting up the light I'll never forget the "txirimiri" (the typical drizzle that falls intermittently in the Basque country) that would make us cover up my Hasselblad and strobes with plastic bags every few minutes. We continued working undeterred by the stubborn "txirimiri" so as to have everything ready for the time we were scheduled to shoot. At one point a young nervous PR person came out to ask us what we would do if it was still raining when Mr. Vidarte showed up. I just calmly looked at him and said: "It won't be raining." And sure enough it did not rain at the time of the shoot. I still wonder how I predicted the weather with such confidence. Photographer's intuition? Luck? Whatever it was it worked!


Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Laura Ruiz

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