"The extraordinary, captured."
Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts headquartered in Dubai is regarded as one of the most luxurious and innovative in the world. Jumeirah features the only 7 star hotel. I felt honored to be called to shoot Jumeirah's first resort in Europe, the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa located on a serene hill in the charming island of Mallorca. The time was tight as the resort was about to be opened. I quickly put together a top team of stylists, make-up arts, assistants and a producer ready to shoot for nine straight days. Via conference with Jumeirah's marketing director in Mallorca and brand manager in Dubai I went over the photography, wardrobe and styling guidelines. The key was to capture the magnificence of the spaces with and without models. Although location scouting started on a unusually snowy day, the resort lived up to my expectations of remarkable beauty with ample opportunity for extraordinary photography.
To achieve maximum quality we took most of the shots twice, optimizing the lighting for the space first then bringing in the models and optimizing the lighting again for them. We combined both takes in post-production to achieve a third option for our client who was approving our work daily from the Dubai headquarters.
Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Marta Centeno and Eva de Souza.

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