"The extraordinary, captured."

NEWSWEEK was working on a special issue on Spain and I was assigned to shoot the portraits of some of the people they were interviewing for the issue. Jose Maria Aznar, Prime Minister at the time, granted a one hour interview and some additional time for the photo shoot in his offices in the Moncloa Palace in Madrid. I usually prefer to location scout before a shoot but on this occasion we were unable to arrange for a visit the day before so I discussed in length by phone with the Moncloa Palace Press Office what NEWSWEEK wanted and that it would require some time to prepare and a little bit of the Prime Minister's time and patience. I managed to make them understand that it was not going to be a quick press conference photo op type shoot. During the shoot I asked Mr. Aznar to shift his arms, hands or shoulders this way or that, you know, the usual photographer jabber, so as to obtain the best angle and posture and at one point he jokingly said "You're a little bossy"... we all laughed and continued with the shoot for a few more frames until I got the shot I was looking for. Everyone was very satisfied with the results.

I later photographed the PM on a second occasion for THE NEW YORK TIMES. 


Behind the Scenes photos courtesy Laura Ruiz

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