"The extraordinary, captured."

The magazine PLANETA HUMANO gave me an assignment to shoot the primetime radio program "Gomaespuma" broadcasting their program live from the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. This assignment gave me the opportunity to learn more about the Sahrawis plight and their people. I was so impressed by thier honesty, integrity and the injustice of it all that when I returned to the studio I was determined to go back and to get their pictures and stories to the world. I pitched the story to TIME magazine and they sent me back to the camps with their Spanish correspondant a few months later. Again later I pitched a story to MARIE CLAIRE and I returned to the camps again. This black and white portrait was shot on that last trip. It is part of a series of portraits all shot at the same time in just two different locations and only one photo was taken of each person. For the first time I realized that I could help, in a humanitarian way, to expose the Sahrawi suffering to the world by just doing what I enjoy and know how to do best. 

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